"Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand." Matthew 4:17
"For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" Matthew 16:26

Life Testimony: Marion Ellerby

Christian life testimony of faith and restoration

I married a young man who came to London from Norwich where I was born when my mother was evacuated there during the war. He was a policeman and my mother and his mother were friends. When I was 18, he asked me out and 3 years later we married.

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Amazing Science in the Holy Bible

Science Image of DNA on Bible Page Science and Bible are often viewed as conflicting enemies. Many Christians are even afraid to look into matters of science or feel intimidated by science enthusiasts. BUT SCIENCE CONFIRMS THE BIBLE! Many of the Bible’s statements about science went against the generally accepted teachings of the time. However, modern science has again and again confirmed what the Bible has taught for centuries. 
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Following Your Heart

Hand Holding Christian Compass There is a very popular saying, “follow your heart”. Oftentimes it is used as advice when someone doesn’t know what to do. It sounds delightful and even brings a sense of warmth and comfort.  Besides, nothing’s more comfortable than doing what feels natural to us. It’s so common that you may even find yourself saying it. So it “sounds” good, but is it Biblical? Should we follow our hearts? 
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The Urgency of Evangelism

Hand reaching for help from flames Pop quiz! What percentage of Christians actively share their faith with others? 2%, 9%, 33%, 72%? According to various research and surveys, the answer sadly is a mere 2%. What on earth are we still here for if we’re saved? We can praise in Heaven, worship, talk with GOD, fellowship with each other, and much more. But one thing we won’t be able to do is share the Gospel with the lost. 
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Blaming GOD

pointing-fingerIt’s not uncommon for someone, even a Christian to get angry or blame GOD for something bad that happened either to them or someone else. Surely even Biblical characters struggled with this, so let’s look carefully and see what Scripture has to say. But first and foremost we must annihilate the deceiving myth, that GOD does evil. Because James 1:13 says that GOD cannot be tempted with evil, nor does He tempt anyone. Many other scriptures affirm the same truth.  And we must also know the opposite Scripture:
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The Fear of the LORD

Lightning with Dark Purple Night Sky“One time many years ago, the king of Hungary found himself depressed and unhappy. He sent for his brother, a good-natured but rather indifferent prince. The king said to him, “I am a great sinner; I fear to meet God.” But the prince only laughed at him. This didn’t help the king’s disposition any. Though he was a believer, the king had gotten a glimpse of his guilt for the way he’d been living lately, and he seriously wanted help.
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Planning For Eternity

Airplane at SunsetWhen you plan for your vacation, you save up, you do research on your destination, and you make sure that’s where you want to go. Then when you get your tickets you check again and again making sure you are going to the right airport, right gate and right airplane; ensuring you don’t miss your flight. So much planning and care for a one or two week trip, yet how much time do people spend thinking and planning about where they will spend eternity?
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My Encounter With The LORD

On Wednesday, February 29, 2012 I was at the Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ for the Service just like every Wednesday.  I was leading the Praise & Worship that night.  After we finished with the Worship, I went to the back as I usually do as Pastor Sophocles Christodoulou started praying before the preaching of the Word of God.
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Are You A GOOD Person?

Almost everyone thinks they are a good person… But the question you should be asking is, “Am I good enough to go to Heaven?” Here’s a quick test…
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† Celebrating 32 Years in Cyprus